The Leták and Tamás Architects Office was established in the autumn of the year 2000 by Gábor Tamás és Sarolta Leták. Earlier, the founders were colleagues of well known Hungarian architects.

Our profile includes the architectural planning and interior design of family residences and public housing as well as public facilities all around Hungary. The number of people taking part in each work varies according to the project requirements. There is sound cooperation within our team of engineers (Structural, Mechanical and Electrical engineers, Insulation planners and Landscape architects) having been working together for many years. Our services include regular supervision on site and consultations throughout all construction works in order to accomplish precise manifestation of the designed structures.

We use natural materials to create spaces of harmony and dignity that replenish body and soul in our lives so hasty nowadays. There is unity of function and form that manifests both inside and outside the builings. Function being the basis of planning and form being the architectural heritage of the Carpathian Basin. Quality timber construction forms the buildings’ structural support and defines the atmosphere of the interiors, hence influences the interior design. We believe in the carefull planning of the landscape surrounding the buildings, thence further enhancing interior and exterior unity.

We develop fair relationship with the clients. Together with the team of engineers we work so that the building construction could be clearly surveyed, and be possibly without any problems.

Tamás Gábor
    senior architect
    Phone: (20) 457 7277

Leták Sarolta
    Phone: (30) 212 8148

Csóka Balázs
    Phone: (30) 437 5291

    colleague: 2004-2009